Today’s daily prompt is the word banned and here is my take on this prompt.

I never have been banned from anything so far. (Knock on wood) I was glad to see some people banned from a bar for instance. I use to travel the local bars on weekends when I turned 21. I hated being banned from bars because I was to young. I wasn’t much of a drinker but during that time I would buy a can of beer just to show off I was 21!! Being banned from bars did not stop me. I would go to two local bars and they would turn their head and hand my drink to someone to give me. Now, as adult and law abiding citizen. So, the whole picture kills me. 

Being banned from a public place is annoying reguardless what the circumstances. 

But, on the other spectrum I have been in a few places that could use Banned some people and some things. I guess it can be good to ban things like smoking in public places and underaged drinking. I watch this show call “What would you do” and it sets up actors in situations that may include banning stuff. They use hidden cameras to see what normal people would do if someone was being banned right in front of them for the way the look. Banning done in the wrong way can be much like bullying.

Hello to ya’ll I hope you are having a good day so far. Check out my orange my emoji! It made my day when I found it! Orange smile!

I have been trying to come up with interesting things to blog about. I see some clever October blogging challenges I missed the boat on. Boohoo I do love prompt challenges! Do you know of any interesting or fun challenges that involve prompts? I look forward to April for the A to Z challenge. But, I crave something now! I’m a blogger not much of a writer and I like to pull things from online and add them to my posts. (All free images) because I am not a photographer. I enjoy seeing some of the images that come up when you just Google a word. 

Is everyone enjoying this new season we are in. Crispy brisk air. Leaves all sorts of hues of orange, yellow, and browns. I love Fall! Just had fresh apple cider brought to me by the gallon. Oh, if only I could send y’all some. Your taste buds would be dancing in your mouth.    

A little neighboring town called Fortuna has an Apple Harvest Festival every year in the month of October. I did not go this year but have been many times. A lot of family fun and APPLES! How about your area are there any fall festivals around? There will be a lot off fall festival carnival types of things on October 31st. Many churches and recreation centers host these as alternatives to door to door tick o treating. This will be my first year with my grandson on Halloween. Not sure what we will do but he will be Chase the dog off Paw Patrol on the Nicolodian channel. He is excited! I pray for energy to keep up with him! How about you do you have plans for October 31st?

Let us talk about what we are watching. I am a Netflix junkie and currently streaming season 1 of The Arrow. And Netflix Original “Haters Back Off” a comedy I am beginning to like (only 2 shows into season 1).

So, since the weather is getting colder and we will be indoors more chances are more time will be spent in front of the good ol’ boobtube so here is what’s new on Netflix in November you can also get push notifications to your phone for news on Netflix release dates!

I need to learn a hobby that is creative and cheap. Something I can make and give as Christmas gifts. What if anything do you DIY crafty or cooking that you give away for the holiday season? When my kids were young we made sugar cookies (thank you Pillsbury) and the kids would decorate them then on Christmas Eve we would go visit the local nursing homes and give them out. I would like to start doing this with my grandkids. What can we do to celebrate the gift of giving?

Ok that wraps up my fall news flashes and updates. Thanks for stopping in I would love to hear your stories too!

Playing catch up! Yesterday’s word prompt was artificial and here is my take on the prompt.

Artificial to me means something don’t original. With that said I am anything but artificial. Am I perfect no way! But, I am not fake. So here are some things I found that are artificial.

This phony plastic surgeon faked his way through a great argumentation. He manufactured bogus fabricated phony breasts. They felt unreal, synthetic, unnatural substitute for the real thing. 

There is a synonym story for artificial story for your amusement. Do you have a short paragraph you can come up using synonyms? 

Today’s daily prompt word is TINY And here is my take on this prompt.

When I do these prompts I usually go with the first thing that comes to my mind and from there Googling and free image searches with the final bounce over to YouTube. The first thing that came to mind when I read tiny was this.

Yes that is Don Ho singing “Tiny Bubbles” anyone remember it?

There are also tiny breeds of dogs!

As we run out of places to build new homes people opt for the tiny version of a hone.

We must not forget the tiny minions!

Last but not least by no means tiny children. They are the future!

Today’s prompt is the word “Volunteer” and here is my take on this word prompt.
I think of my mother who is 68 years old and has no health problems except for her back. Thank God! She volunteers about 75% of her free time to many causes such as Meals on Wheels, The Food Bank, ad well as serves as activity director in the senior living complex she resides in. To top all that she is a board member of the local Salvation Army. Which does a lot of charitable events for local homeless and low income people. Now, you would think that would be enough? At 68 for me that will be more than I can imagine. But, not my mom she is also a member of Beta Sigma Pi a sorority she just got her 15 year membership in. They do charitable work locally also. 

When I think of volunteering or volunteer I think of my extraordinary mother.

Today’s daily prompt is the word “ancient” and here is my take on the prompt.

I know that I am young in my heart, mind, and spirit (the mind is hanging on to its youth haha) but, my body feels ancient now that I’m growing closer to my “sell by date!” 

  • Is ancient a term that we use to describe something very old. Some kid around that this person or that person is so old he or she is anancient. Lol! 

I love ancient relics. Do you have a favorite ancient relic that draws you to it. One you just connect with somehow? For instance I have a thing for ancient beauty or grooming tools.

So maybe not your idea of ancient but that’s why this is my take on the prompt! Let me see your ancient.