I give this 4.5 stars and a thumbs up adult pick!

Penny Dreadful is a paranormal thriller that keeps you guessing. It has witches, vampires, warewolves, Lucifer, Frankenstein, Dr Jeckle, and many more. The difference is here there putting twists on the old creepy tales. It first starts in London during the 1800’s and Jack the ripper days. Frankenstein get his bride but, has Dr Frankenstein go to far? Vanessa the leading lady is a witch of sorts. She is sought after by Lucifer through the whole show. I don’t recommend you watch this with kids. A lot of sexual scenes and profanity. I started this series and its not normally my thing. I’m riveted! Just woke up and have it on! I am on season 3 episode 6 and I don’t see if they will be making more. Check out the link and watch some clips. You won’t be disappointed!

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I am the type of person that if something irritates me that someone is doing I tend to not say anything. So, this is my venting and hopefully, it will help me to just laugh at myself at being so silly. Here are 7 of my pet peeves.

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A dirty bathroom! I mean left over toothpaste in sink, no toilet paper, hair in the bathtub. I am not a spotless person but I can’t stand a dirty bathroom. There is a time when your toilet water is brown and you can’t remember the last time you cleaned it. Pet peeve!

Image result for free images of someone clipping toe nails

Someone clipping their toenails and not picking them up just letting them fly and hit whatever. It is gross!

Image result for free images of someone chewing with their mouth open    Image result for free images of someone chewing with their mouth open

Chewing with your mouth open and also talking with your mouth full is horrific to my eyes and ears. What do you say?

If I tell you I have not seen a Tv show or movie do not proceed to tell me the end!!!!!

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I hate running into the “know it all” you know the guy or girl that has done it all and seems to have lived a trillion years if they did all they claim. Or the person that knows all your problems (so they think) and have a solution for you too! They tend to hurt my feelings so they are a pet peeve of mine.

My mom says total strangers come up to me and tend to spill out their life stories. I began to see she was right. I didn’t mind that part and still don’t but I have some women, three to be precise that have come up to me in different situations and tell me their life stories and added sexual TMI to the mixture. I did not feel comfortable because I hardly knew them. They acted like we were old friends and in school and we were trading secrets. Except all I did was listen! So, pet peeve strangers please don’t tell me when you gave your last blow job to. I don’t want to hear it! LOL


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Youth or even younger adults have no respect for disabled or elderly. I ride a local bus and they are often packed with college folks. A person gets on and needs a seat obviously and nobody moves. Pet peeve!

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 Lastly, I have a very short memory so when I am talking I hate being interrupted because I forget what I am saying. Its ok when done accidently but the people that would do it and do it just drive me blooming nuts!

Ok, that’s my top 7 pet peeves. What are some of yours? Or, can you relate to any of mine?

Today is SoCS time and our prompt is “bus” use it as is or in a word. To learn more about SoCS go here and visit Linda G Hill. Here is my take on the prompt.


My thoughts instantly went to the song. “The wheels on the bus go round and round” because my grandson sings it to me all the time. Then my mind went to the song “Bust a move” by Young MC.



Then my mind went to words with “bus” in it. Like “bust” was. So, armed with a thinking cap I turn my attention to Google.  I am amazed every time I do a search and bamm the results are right in front of me. I could choose from a website offering lists of words containing bus in them or there are two sights dedicated to words that end and words that begin with bus. So, I set off to learn something new and share it with you. Golly I rhymed!!! LOL!!! 

There is Harquebus which is a very old small caliber gun operated by a Matlock dating back to the 1400’s

Image result for free images of a harquebus

Image result for free images of cumulus clouds

Above is a Cumulonimbus cloud cluster also known as thunder clouds. I love looking up at these clouds but when I lived in the South we really watched these clouds. They can be really destructive

There is also Ephebus. It means a younger person reaching adulthood and can now train to become a Greek citizen. Below is the Greek flag.

Image result for free images of the greek flag

Thats my take on bus……..Happy blogging and happy Saturday🙂


Today’s prompt from The Daily Post is generous and here is my take on this one word prompt.

I consider myself a generous person. I give of myself freely and without expecting something in return. But, it is funny I always get something in return. Mostly in smiles and thank you. One time when I was volunteering at the local food bank I was waiting for a large family to come in because a very large birthday cake was donated by a local bakery. The volunteers all were waiting. A mother with 7 kids came for help. She went through the process got her food. Then a volunteer brought out that cake. We all relished in their excitement. That was a great reward for me volunteering a little of my time just to see such happiness. They were giggling and arguing over who was going to carry it. Each kid even said thank you. Man what an amazing gift I got back! 

I don’t have much money to give to causes I believe in but I try and live mindfully and part of that is being generous when you can. And I feel we have plenty of ways to be a generous person in this world. Can you think of any way you can be generous? Or is there a time when you were generous and got rewarded as I did above?

Today’s daily prompt comes to me via the daily post. Click on the light blue words to find out more. Here is my take on this one word prompt.

Silence rarely visits my mind, body, or soul. 

Silence is a desired conquest I have yet to even battle.

Silence does not exsist in my world of choas and screams.

Silence shall only be in me or around me when the lights of this life deminsh.

Well, not a writer or poet just came to me and I liked it. So, i went with it.

Silence is golden my mama use to say. I believe it is in the likeness of a golden treasure. I know it is hardly affordable to to me. Society doesn’t serve it up on a platter. All the noise that is natural it seems. Such as cars and voices etc etc. How about you? Do you get true silence anywhere? If so or if not are you ok with silence? My family members differ in this. Fir example, some like to sleep with  the TV or radio on. They can’t stand silence. Is silence golden or rare to you?

I know it is a bit early to talk about colder temps right now but, this popped into my head and now here we are. Without to much hoopla here are my top picks of things to do when the cold keeps us inside more in the next few months. There is an illness called Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) that is prevalent in winter and fall months too.

  • Light therapy can help those winter blues. It is all about using the artifical  light or lasers as well as maybe using different types of bulbs. The Mayo Clinic recomends a type of light box be used in home treatment of SAD. Amazon sells a 4.5 star rated light box for w whooping $229.00 but there are lower cost versions available at Walmart and Target. Do some or research and talk to your doctor before going this route just to be safe.
  • Play outdoor sounds and Open a window while meditating. Bring outdoors to you. 
  • Smell outdoors indoors! Do this in the fall especially. Collect leaves, pinecones, even some interesting looking nautural rocks (DO NOT WASH ROCKS). Place them in a basket, gift box, gift bag, or bowl. Set in most time occupied room and inhale. (Hint: add a sprinkle or two of wood or pine to the concoction)
  • Exercise with a visual of the great outdoors! This could be a DVD of a hike, a poster, or just open the blinds. If you have a view flaunt it.
  • If you have a fireplace roast hotdogs or make Smores’ with your family. If you don’t have a fireplace improvise! Prepare food and serve it picnic style in the livingroom by candlelight.

Now you have a few things up your sleeve to make winter and fall indoors fun! Any tips or tricks to get rid of cabin fever? Let’s hear them?!?!?

Today’s daily prompt is “hike” to learn more about this prompt click on the light blue. Now, here is my thoughts on “hike.”

Mama use to “hike up my breeches” for me because my breeches were always to long. That was my first thought on the word hike. I then Googled free images of hike and chose one to begin this post that I liked. Next I turn my attentions towards Googling just hike and it brought up local hiking trails. My favorite Prairie Creek Redwoods St Park has some awesome trails to get your hike on. There are a heard of Elk that roam free in this park. You can even pitch your tent right where they graze and roam. If you ever get to take a hike in Northern California this is my top notch pick. 

Communities have several nice places to take a hike in most usually. We have bird sanctuaries and wildlife preserves as well as a few places that are called “headwaters” which boasts about the beauty that surrounds you during a hike there. The Headwaters is 7,472 acres of old growth Redwood trees that are protected and managed by The Bureau of Land Management based in Fortuna California. Hike any trail through these old giants you will for sure be in touch with mother nature too. And the benefits of a hike in the great outdoors are endless. 

How about you? Do you hike? Where do you like to hike? Were you ever told to take a hike? Hahaha