I thought I would spread something contagious today. A smile. There are many things that make me smile. This includes looking at the word smile. It makes me remember to smile. So, here are some things that make me smile. 

Its true! I feel a friendly smile can change a tense business meeting for instance. 

How can you not smile at this picture. And see that smile this picture out on your face right now is free.

 Hahaha a bit vulgar but made me smile and laugh!

Priceless photo indeed! A Christmas photo that made me smile at the thought of how appalled they must feel.

There are no words for a smile at this one. Heck I even laughed!

A joke worth a smile for sure!

Acts of kindness that produce a smile too!

Today’s daily prompt is the word “fifty” to learn more about daily prompts you can go here  and check it out!


I thought I would take us back a bit with some things from the 1950s. So, let me take you back a to a time where things were way different than they are today.I am going to hit pop culture and a few big news flashes. Here is my take on fifty with the 1950s flashback.

The US Census Breau fun fast facts of 1950 say Elvis, Rosa Parks, and the baby boom of course! In 1951 the first color television program was broadcasted by RCA. DJ Dewey Phillips of Memphis, TN introduced radio listeners to Elvis in 1953! Rosa Parks refuses to vacate her seat on a bus in AL in 1955! In 1957 CBS debuts Leave it to Beaver! Alaska and Hawaii become the 49th and 50th states in the US in 1959. And The Twilight Zone debuts in 1959 also. Those are just a few facts I found on this website about the 1950s!





The number one song on the Billboards top 30 songs in 1950 was sung by Gordon Jenkins and the Weavers and it was called Goodnight Irene. I found a cool website that you can put in any year you wish and it will bring up the top billboard charts songs from that year. Here is the link go check out your favorite year! 

  Here are a couple of images found on Google free image search of the most popular 1950s cars. I know that the second one is a Volkswagon bug which is my favorite only the color needs to be bright orange! The first car did not have a label stating what it was. I am sure someone out there can tell me what kind of car the first image is. So, folks tell me what kind of car is it?


This week the prompt is “the art of making lists” if you would like to know the details of this challenge or just browse other bloggers take on the week’s prompt go here and check it out. Here is my take on this weeks challenge of making a list in any way or any type we want. I am going to depict my name with artistic lettering I found for free downloading on flickr.com by Leo Reynolds and I will pick out some things about me that start with the letter in my name. Starting with the letter “A” now this is going to be only positive things because I should be making a list like this of all the things I improved on or am today. Thanks for coming on my list of me.

The list of me by Annette

7238611124_1af8c204b3_n    adjustable, above, adorable, astute, attitude, action, artistic, accountable, accurate, annoying, adventure, allure, absolutely, and alright!

6873116915_123026d4ff_n   noteable, nice, neighborly, naughty, naked, nutty, nature, natural, no, neutral, nailed, and normality.

5212653146_b51ac564b0_n   no one, notes, nowhere, nevertheless, night, new, nobody, no, and neat.

3214616023_468cc95241_n   entertain, exit, evolve, enrolled, entrance, enter, elevate, elaborate, echo, editing, entice, and events.

6705161199_f6816bea6d_b  tantalizing, tremendous, tentatively, togetherness, timeless, touching, toss-up, texter, trouble, today, telling, tomorrow, tunes.

6267804139_8266ce1d85_n   tactful, talkative, tasteful, tasty, toasty, teacher, technical, taken, top, testing, thread, trace, treats.

55641390_c005025566_n    edge, elevate, electric, elemental, enthralled, enter, exits, extra, expel, especially, entrances, extra-special.

Free flow Friday is a nice challenge hosted by Laura and I am late linking up to it. Better late than never. Her prompt for Friday was invisible. She poses it as a question to find out more go here to check it out!

When I think of being invisible I think of feeling invisible. I never stood out. Had no top notch stand out qualities. I was simple and quiet mostly. I was a woman that was a victim. Sexual assualt and Domestic Violence made my very visible spirit coil back into the dark hole of addiction. That is where I became more invisible in society. I liked it. It made every terrible thing melt away. I became invisible to even myself. I suffered from mental illnesses that left me thinking terrible things about myself that made me being invisible to the world an easy way out of dealing with life on life’s terms. One day I decided to live. I got sober. Left my abuser. Forgave my molestors. Worked with professional mental health people to re enter society. I still can’t do many things. My life is not normal. Fear and other negative emotions still rear their nasty heads in my life from time to time. But, I am visible to the most important person myself. And that’s a great start!

Today’s word prompt is “youth” and if you would like to know more or see other takes on this prompt go here and check it out! Now, on to my view of the word “youth.”


I had to giggle when I saw the word for today. Youth it was right there in front of my eyes was chosen just for me! I am 47 today. My youth is gone. You can be youthful and full of energy and such. Some people are very youthful I am not one of them however. I was always into being youthful. My ex was older than I was and so were most all of my friends. I was the young one. Somewhere down the line I got old. Now, I’m not afraid to be in the later stages of my life. I am afraid of wasting anymore time not living life. It is a lesson I wished I took head to in my youth. Maybe just maybe if I listened to the advice of my elders instead of doing what I wanted I would not have waited this long to stop and smell the roses. 

The youth of today our leaders for tomorrow. Our youth need our elders of today to guide them. I wished I would have let my youthful self be guided and molded. But, I still can make a difference on the youth of today. Starting with my grandkids. So, goodbye 46 hello 47,in just lest than an hour. What did I do today? Nothing, in my youth that would have mattered. Today, its just another day🙂

Today is Saturday and it is time for Linda’s #SoCS and her prompt for the day is the “date” which we are to use in any way we wish. Here is the link to Linda G Hill’s blog to find out more go there and visit you won’t be disappointed. Here is my take on this one word prompt. 

socsbadge2016-17   I had a giggle when I saw this prompt. You see today is my birthday and a man has been showing interest in me lately. Well, he asked me out on a date for my birthday. I turned all shades of Crimson when he asked because I have not been on a date in years. Not sure what I was to say because I thought his interest in me was just kind of something to make me feel better about myself. He would say things like “Annette, you have a beautiful soul and that makes you beautiful on the inside and out” needless to say I knew this guy as a charmer for sure. But, I have major trust issues when someone spouts off  I am beautiful. I have not believed them until I believed myself to be beautiful. I have just begun to think this way about myself and I guess it shows. Practicing mindful living has changed me considerably. Self-love instead of self-loathing has been the hardest hurdle to leap over. Now,  back to the gentleman charmer. He will be known as Prince Charming from here on out. Well, I told him yes I would go out with him tonite. I gave him my phone number and told him to call me. This was three days ago and I have not heard from him. Sadly enough I thought. But, I did not let that waver my self-confidence. I had set to work making another plan for my day! I will now be going on a date with my mom and big sister! I still feel the beauty that he made me feel. It was a test I feel to see if I am ready to put myself out there and let love happen or just date even. A date seems such a foreign thing to me. My ex and I hardly ever got to go on dates. We did not do much on the romantic side. so until the Universe brings me dating material I will just be content to be the most beautiful version of me!


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